Entertainment in Vietnam, travel tours: Exhibition and job festival for the disable

Exhibition and job festival for the disable


Nearly 2,000 disabled people took part in a meeting, exhibition and job festival in Hanoi on December 3 in response to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
The programme provided an opportunity for disabled people to meet and share experiences on overcoming their difficulties.
Vietnam has 6.7 million disabled people, accounting for 7.8 percent of the population. However, despite continued support from the State, they still face a number of challenges.
Nguyen Huy Ban, General Secretary of the Vietnam Disabled People’s Association, said the entire society should join hands to help people with disabilities integrate successfully into the community.
The biggest difficulty is the lack of public awareness of Party and State policies for disabled people and the community's responsibility for assisting them, he said.
The association, therefore, aims to work with relevant agencies to disseminate information, raise public awareness and encourage local authorities to create the best possible conditions for disabled people to make significant contributions to society.


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